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New album V OBJEMU DVOJINE (Dual Embrace)

offers a collection of eight new pieces for clarinet and piano inspired by Slovenian folk traditions. Duo Claripiano encouraged the creation of new pieces themselves, inviting eight composers from different generations (Andrej Makor, Tomaž Habe, Katarina Pustinek Rakar, Jani Golob, Peter Šavli, Tadeja Vulc, Andrej Misson in Helena Vidic) who contribute compositional treatments of Slovenian folk motives, dedicating them to Tatjana and Dušan. Simona Moličnik writes in the booklet: All the pieces on the present album receive distinctive performances, from deep within the score and out to the listeners via expression of a truly sensitive experience of the material and made possible by the unconditional commitment of Tatjana and Dušan. It is an excellent mix of tone colors and an intimate interweaving of individual phrases in which the technical difficulty is obscured by the unbounded confidence of two artists, guiding the listener into an open and timeless place, perhaps a truly Slovenian statement. Published by ZKP, Publishing and Record Label of Radio Slovenija in collaboration with “Prvi” Radio Slovenija. Music Producer: Janja Velkavrh, Design: Žiga Culiberg, Photos: Janez Kotar

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